1. Did not import JAR file
    1. If netbeans did not import the JAR file correctly try to import it again. You can do this by right clicking on the project and choosing properties then click on Library. On the right there should be a button that says "Jar File" click it and find the Robo JDE folder in programs. Click on the folder and then click on the file "RoboJDE.jar" then click open. Once this has been completed click "OK" in the properties window and you have now imported the JAR file.
  2. Did not have import statement
    1. You must have the imports to be able to use any of the predefined methods.
    2. A good rule of thumb is to have the following imports in every program 1) import com.ridgesoft.intellibrain.*; 2) import com.ridgesoft.io.*; 3) import com.ridgesoft.robotics.*; With these imports you will cover all the methods needed to make your robot run correctly
    3. Make sure you put the imports in the correct place. They always go at the very top of your code before anything else. Otherwise Netbeans and Robo JDE will not understand that the imports are to apply to all the code and you will receive an error.
  3. Misspelled variable in code
    1. One of the most important things to be aware of when programing is the spelling of your variables if you are not careful you can run into big problems if you do not spell the variable the same way as you did when you declared it. One thing that I do when writing code is use variable names that are easy to spell and remember 2) if I get an error about a variable that was not declared and I know I declared it earlier then i check the spelling of when i used it against the spelling of when i declared it this will help reduce the number of spelling errors you will have.
  4. Sensor not working as expected
    1. Make sure that the cables running from the sensors to the IntelliBrain’s board are all plugged in correctly.
    2. If the sonar is running into a problem, make sure that one end of the sonar cable is plugged into the sonar sensor.
  5. Robot not working as expected
    1. Replace the batteries and check if that fixed the issue.
    2. Check your code to make sure that there are no mistakes.
    3. Make sure that the cables are all plugged into the ports on the IntelliBrain’s board.
    4. If the problem persists, get a new robot and mark the broken one as not working.
  6. Motor speed incorrect, not going straight
    1. Replace the robot’s batteries and see if that fixed it.
    2. Make sure that there is an elastic band around the tire.
    3. If both a and b don’t fix the issue, get a different IntelliBrain bot and leave a note stating that the robot has speed issues.
  7. Robo JDE not connecting to robot, unable to link/build
    1. Make sure that the robot has batteries in it and is turned on.
    2. Check if the serial cable is plugged in correctly to both the IntelliBrain bot as well as the computer.
    3. Go to tools, settings, and make sure that the board type is IntelliBrain, the Baud rate is 115200, and if that doesn’t fix it change the serial port to something else.
  8. Misspelled class/path/file names
    1. Check the name of your class in NetBeans and if the class name in NetBeans does not EXACTLY match the class name in Robo JDE, go back and make it to where they are the same.
  9. Code functioning on different robots – sensor numbers different on each
    1. In some cases the robot sensors number is different from the other robots in this case run the diagnostic code that is provided on the website and let one of the staff know so that the robot can be corrected.