Installing NetBeans

This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing the NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) on your computer. There are many different IDEs that are available (such as Eclipse), and you are not restricted to using NetBeans. However, our programs and examples will be using NetBeans and if you are just getting started and installing your first IDE, it may be easier to follow along with NetBeans.

What you need to get started

  1. A computer with an internet connection

  2. An internet browser (such as Firefox or Chrome)

  3. Know how to download and install a program

Setting up the NetBeans IDE

Here are the steps to follow to locate, download and install the NetBeans IDE on your computer.

  1. Open a web browser preferable Firefox, Safari or Chrome and go to

  2. Then click on the “Download Free” button at the top of the screen

  3. On the screen there should be five choices “Java SE”, “Java EE”, “C/C++”, “PHP” and “All”, Click the download button under “Java SE”

  4. Windows Users

    1. Click on the “Save File” button when it pops up

    2. The program will then be downloaded to your “Downloads” folder

    Mac Users

    1. When you click download button the program will be saved to your “Downloads” folder

  5. Once the download has been completed go to the “Downloads” Folder and double click on the Netbeans file that was downloaded then follow the steps below based on which Operating System you own:

  6. Windows Users

    1. For security reasons a window pops up asking to confirm the download click “Yes”

    2. Once you have clicked yes the Netbeans installer should appear then click the “Next” button

    3. You must then accept the terms and conditions you do this by checking accept and then click “Next”

    4. You then must accept the Junit agreement, you do this by clicking “accept” then click “Next”

    5. Then you choose where you want to install Netbeans leave it as the Default and then click “Next”

    6. Finally Click “Install”, after it is done installing your computer will need to restart

    Mac Users

    1. The Netbeans Installer should appear click on the file and Netbeans should start to install

    2. Your Computer will ask you to enter your password so Netbeans can Install on your computer

    3. Once Netbeans is done installing it will let you know it is completed

    4. Then go into Launchpad (applications works to) and start up Netbeans

    Congratulations! You now have the NetBeans IDE installed and are ready to start programming.