Creating Your First Project

We're now going to learn how to create a new project in NetBeans, link the Robo JDE library to NetBeans to allow us to write code for the robots, and use Robo JDE to load a program onto the robot.

What you need:

  1. A computer with NetBeans (or other IDE) installed
  2. An IntelliBrain bot
  3. A USB to Serial or Bluetooth connector for the robot

Creating a project in NetBeans

In this section we are going to learn how to create new projects and how to link the Robo JDE library to Netbeans so we can write code for the robots. So lets go ahead and Open Netbeans now.

Once Netbeans has pulled up and your on the home screen we are going to create a new project to do this there are two different choices each are explained in the steps below:

  1. Click File >New Project

  2. Click The “Create New Project” Icon

  3. Once you have clicked “Create New Project” the new project window will open, you are going to want to select the “Java” folder(#1) and then “Java Application”(#2). Then click the “Next” button(#3)

  4. Now you need to name your first project for now name the project “Hello_World”(#1) then choose where you want to save the project(#2), make sure the check box that says “Create Main Class” is checked(#3) and click “Finish”(#4)

  5. It is important to note that you cannot put spaces in titles of projects so if you want to split up a name you can ether use the “_” key or you can capitalize the first letter of each word likeThis

Now we need to import the Robo JDE Library (JAR file) into NetBeans. This is important to do before you begin coding otherwise, Netbeans will not recognize the code for the robot and think it is wrong and give you errors.

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen there is a button that says “Projects” click it then find the project folder that says “Hello_World”(Name of Project we created in last section)

  2. Then right-click on “Hello_World”(#1) and find “Properties” which is the last choice on the menu, once you have found it click on it(#2)

  3. On the left-hand side under “Categories” select “Libraries”(#1) and then click “Add JAR/Folder”(#2)

  4. Now find where you saved the Robo JDE Program and open the folder

  5. Inside the “RoboJDE” folder scroll down till you find a file that is named “RoboJDE.jar”(#1) and click on the “Choose” button(#2)

  6. Finally click “Ok” and you are ready to start programing your robot

Creating a Project in Robo JDE

In this section we we go through the steps on how to create a project in Robo JDE

  1. Open Robo JDE and My Documents so we can create a new project

  2. Find where you want to save your Robo JDE project and create a folder for it (I make a subfolder inside the Netbeans folder so they can stay together)

  3. Now go to Robo JDE and click File>New Project

  4. In the upper right-hand corner find an icon that looks like a folder and click on it

  5. Browse to where ever you created the folder to save this project once you have selected the folder click “Ok”

  6. Now you need to name the main class make sure you name it the same as the Netbeans project that corresponds to this project so we will not run into errors later. For now name the project “Hello_World”(#1) then click the “Ok” button(#2)

Now you are ready to write and load your first project.

Your first Project

In this section we are going to learn how to a code we created in NetBeans onto our robot with the steps below. We are going to use the classic "Hello World!" program to demonstrate this.

The code we are going to use is:

import com.ridgesoft.intellibrain.*;


import com.ridgesoft.robotics.*;

public class Hello_World {

private static Display screen = IntelliBrain.getLcdDisplay();

   	public static void main(String[] args) {


            			screen.print(0, "Hello World My");

            			screen.print(1, "Name is Wall-E");




Loading Project To Robot

  1. The first step is inside Netbeans hit Control-A (Select All), once selected hit Control-C (Copy)

  2. Then go to Robo JDE (make sure you are in the “Edit” tab) and hit Control-A and delete all the code already in Robo JDE

  3. Now Paste the code from Netbeans into Robo JDE, you can do this by hitting Control-V (Paste)

  4. Now click the wrench looking icon at the top of the screen if compiler at the bottom says “Link Succeeded” you have built working code and you are ready to move on to the next step if not go back to Netbeans and check for any errors

  5. Next to the wrench button there is a button that looks like a download button click it (Make sure that your robot is on and is plugged in) when it is done downloading it will let you know

You have now learned how to create your own projects and load them onto the robot!